Vsip Agreement

G. Workers are informed of the final status of the application by December 23; Workers benefit from a separation agreement. Signing the separation agreement before the effective retirement date may require that the agreement be re-signed after the employee`s retirement (or separation) date. If the signed agreement is not communicated on time, the incentive payment of dievsIP may be delayed. Questions: Central Human Resources Service (414) 229-5353 – vsip-info@uwm.edu Please discuss this with your Dean/Chief of Division and/or contact the Central Personnel Office for any questions about whether you are eligible to participate in THE VSIP. The phone number is (414) 229-5353 or e-mail vsip-info@uwm.edu. Yes, from the date of the final separation agreement, an employee has 45 days to sign the agreement and submit it to the Central Staff Office. From the date the separation contract is filed, a worker has seven days to terminate and revoke the contract. Workers receive the final separation agreement while being informed of the approval of their application.

The separation agreement is non-negotiable, although no staff member is required to participate in the program if the terms of the agreement are not acceptable to the employee. The worker may revoke a separation contract filed within seven (7) calendar days from the date of the agreement. The revocation of the separation agreement filed must be made in writing, signed by the staff member and addressed to VSIP2020@wichita.edu. A notification of revocation of the separation agreement may be completed and filed, but is not necessary. The form for revocation of separation agreements is available under the reference to the notice of revocation. Retractions sent by another delivery method are not accepted. All retractions must be served as shown above to be accepted. This program is open to staff who submitted a letter of intent to retire after May 15, 2020, as long as the staff member has not separated from the Institute at the time of his application to participate in this program.

The Voluntary Separation Review Committee will consider any application for authorization. After approval of the application, the staff member must sign the voluntary separation and release agreement and confirm the date of retirement. Once the final agreement is reached, the employee can no longer revoke the contract. All VSIP participants are invited to sign a separation agreement and a general release of claims. Workers qualified for voluntary separation and admitted to voluntary separation must sign the VSIP agreement and would be exempt from forced redundancies and reductions until the retirement date. Georgia Tech reserves the right to refuse to participate in staff. Only in rare cases can a VSIP member be reinstated to a post-retirement or part-time job. The faculty may, at the discretion of its dean, include in its separation agreement an appointment of up to three years, if the appointment is necessary to meet the educational or student needs or to continue the ongoing research activities. Post-separation appointments must be approved by the propst (for teacher appointments) or by the Vice-Chancellor of Staff (for staff).