Uu Agreement

Responsibility and supportWe do what we said. If we cannot do what we have said, we will take responsibility for telling the other leaders while there is still time to pick up the pieces and move the project forward. We are always ready to report on all our actions as BLUU leaders and to subject our actions to the standard of BLUU agreements and principles. Honoring ConfidentialityFor some people in communities, we work with confidentiality is a matter of life and death. If we are asked for confidentiality, we will respect it. Leading organizations can create a sense of intimacy on the part of the people we work with – it will often lead people to give us personal information. You can go out to us as queer, undocumented, locked up earlier, a survivor of sexual violence, etc. If we feel that we cannot comply with it under the original conditions, we will go back to the person who asked us for confidentiality and we will try to renegotiate the agreement. If we are not sure if a conversation was confidential or not, we will ask the person we spoke with. The following statement was agreed by the Black Lives of UU Organizing Collective (OC) on August 30, 2017.

The declaration, which has been made public, is above all an obligation for us, as an organising collective, to be in communion. Any black person who identifies with unitarian universalist principles, values and/or communities is part of Black Lives of UU; this agreement is for the organizing team. We release it during this period with the hope that it will help people understand who we are, how we strive to be and why we do the work we do. When: If (personal) data is transferred between two legal entities, and the other party will reuse the data for its own purposes. A data transfer agreement is recorded in situations where there is a risk of inappropriate access or use of the data. What: A data transfer agreement indicates how to process the data, who has access, what specific purpose they can be used for, etc. It is not necessarily very different from a processor agreement (see below). Example: the data transfer agreement used by the YOUth cohort study of the University of Utrecht. Before you start the development, you should inform us so that we can calculate the correct contribution fees. This contribution fee is based on the number of rooms created and is linked from the date of the agreement signed until the beginning of the contract. Once you have made the corresponding fees available to us, we will remove the tax from the basic price register. When: When you start a research project with partners.

What: In a consortium agreement, it is agreed on the intellectual property (ownership) of the data produced or collected and an agreement is reached on how this data is shared and used between partners during and after the project. For more information: How to create your consortium agreement (European Commission, February 2015).