Terms And Conditions For Car Rental Agreement

5.1 You may obtain in advance a collision damage waiver (CDW) and/or a loss of flight (TLW) or super waiver (« SCDW/STLW ») or these LIABILIT-Ts-WAIVERS may be listed in the official advice registered in paragraph 4.1.1. 5.2 In this case, your liability in the sense of item 2.1 does not exceed the amount referred to in convention as « tenant liability » unless one or more of the exclusions covered in point 5.3. 5.3 do not cover the loss or deterioration of the VEHICLE in the following circumstances, and you are responsible for all such losses or damages: 5.3.1 If you or the DRIVER violate this ACCORD; 5.3.2 If all glasses, mirrors, lamps, tires, rims, mash butts, windshields or landing gear are damaged if no VEHICLE collision has occurred; 5.3.3 When water damage is done; 5.3.4 If damage or loss is caused by DRIVER`s negligence; 5.3.5 When an accident is not caused by physical contact with another vehicle, person, animal or object, there has been damage or loss; 5.3.6 If damage is caused by the fact that yours has not been careful to maintain the lubricant values required by THE VEHICLE; 5.3.7 When damage or loss is caused by potholes, sand or driving on gravel roads; and 5.3.8 For personal property, key replacements, towing and fee management fees. 5.4 YOU can only refuse the LIALIA WAIVERS offered by the United States if: 5.4.1 A valid business account in YOUR name has been opened; and 5.4.2 YOU have signed OUR « self-insurance contract »; and 5.4.3 You have written test us that all rented vehicles are fully insured. 5.5 Subject to our agreement, you can purchase a windshield and/or tire abandonment in advance in addition to the LIAPES-WAIVERS. These additional waiver statements cover only damage to glass caused by rock chips, as well as tires, rims and butts caused by potholes, and do not cover the theft of these objects. 3.11. If the weather conditions, darkness, location and/or time of return of the vehicle do not permit the rental of cars: detect the loss of parts of the vehicle and/or damage to the vehicle and/or its parts during the rental period, or if it is more difficult to make such a discovery because of the dirty condition of the vehicle, the location of the damage and/or the original location of the missing parts, the car rental has the right to ask the tenant for a refund of the damage, even if such damage is discovered only after receipt of the return of the vehicle. Car rental has the right, on the basis of this service, to claim reimbursement only for damages discovered no later than 72 hours after receiving the vehicle, provided that the vehicle has not been rented to another person during this period. 3. The tenant or driver must inform the company immediately if the tenant or driver loses the rental certificate.

Clause 2.1: The vehicle is leased at its sole risk, item 4.1: You agree to pay to the United States all amounts due under this ACCORD: You can purchase liability liabilitY in advance to reduce your liability Possible Clause 8: You compensate the United States for liability in certain circumstances The tenant is totally exempt from any liability for any damage caused to the cars, if it accepts you and signs the corresponding contractual terms of the company and pays the amount of: AVIS AND CONDITIONS OF RENTAL AGREEMENT TO RENTAL VEHICLE The rental agreement contains these conditions and the rental document indicating the rental details made available to each vehicle at the time of the rental (so-called « rental document » in these conditions). The lease agreement is between AVR Myanmar Limited (`The Lessor`) and the person and/or company signing the rental document (`the tenant`) whose information is contained in the rental document.