Student Worker Confidentiality Agreement

The signing of the form at the time of hiring is sufficient, but supervisory authorities should review the policy with returning students at the beginning of each year to remind them of their administrative data responsibilities. Direct access to the william and mary administrative system (with banners) is generally limited to ordinary members of the university. Exceptions are granted to students only in exceptional circumstances. Students whose tasks require direct access to banners must also participate in banner navigation training and all necessary functional training before accessing the system. You`ll find all the information you need to launch a banner access request on the IT website. The directive applies to all students who may come into contact with administrative data in any function during their work on campus, regardless of their status (graduate or bachelor, paid or unpaid) or their supervisor (faculty, staff, administrator or scholarship staff). If administrative data may be suspended directly or indirectly, the confirmation form must be verified and signed. (1) Facilitators should check the confirmation form with all current students working in their office or department. 2.

The confirmation form must be signed by each student. A copy of the signed confirmation must be given to the student and the original must be kept in the superior`s file. 3. The directive should be reviewed with all new student staff, volunteers and trainees at the time of recruitment/orientation. William and Mary have approved a privacy policy that applies to students, interns, volunteers and the departments that employ them. The directive applies to all students who work in any function on campus (graduate or bachelor, paid or unpaid). The « confirmation of confidentiality » form for students at work with administrative data (PDF) must be completed and signed by students and their superiors. Student Privacy Confirmation When Working with Administrative Data Form You will find information on the website.