Friendly Agreement In Tagalog

If a professional or company that is required to provide a foreign language translation does not do so, the consumer may terminate (resilient) the contract or contract in which the termination right applies.3 The consumer may terminate the contract even if it has been awarded to a financial institution; However, in this case, the consumer must ask the original trade or the original company to return the sums he paid. Once the consumer has received goods, the goods must be returned to the original trade or to the original transaction. A person in a company who, as part of entering into a contract with a consumer, negotiates mainly in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalogue, Vietnamese or Korean languages, must give the consumer a written translation of the contract offered in the language of negotiations.1 Translation must be a precise translation of each clause and condition of the contract or contract. This requirement of California law applies, whether the negotiations are oral or written. However, this section does not apply to contracts negotiated in any of the languages mentioned above, where the consumer has an interpreter.2 However, the last exception applies only if the consumer interpreter is able to speak fluently and read in English and with full knowledge of life. In addition, the interpreter cannot be a minor (under 18 years of age). The interpreter may also not be employed or made available through or through the person active in the sector or in the company. When a consumer withdraws, the consumer is not obliged to pay the financial institution that has received a transfer of the contract. Instead, the financial institution is authorized to return the contract to the original trade or transaction and to recover from the original trade or transaction all that it has paid for the trade or transaction. A patient rights bulletin translated into Spanish, Chinese and some other languages should be made available to all patients who speak languages who live in long-term health facilities, including skilled care facilities, intermediate care facilities and health care facilities.8 This communication should only be posted in places where the foreign language is used. (Communication should not be made by service providers or service providers who provide or arrange loans secured by real estate.) However, the law does not require foreign language translation for subsequent documents approved or likely to be obtained by the original contract or its amendments.