Data Use Agreement Hopkins

OMIM and/or may provide links to and data from other websites or resources on the World Wide Web. JHU does not support or be responsible for any data, software or other content available on such sites or resources or on their privacy policies. The user acknowledges and agrees that the JHU is not directly or indirectly liable for any damages or losses (direct or indirect) related to the use or reliance of the user in such data, software or other content. The user is solely responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and/or compliance with the applicable terms of use necessary for the use of data, software or other content of such sites or resources. The user may not sell, rent, rent, sublicense, assign, export or transfer the OMIM Data or the rights to access or use the same information, software or other technologies and/or documents, CDs or other material media that constitute, do not contain the foregoing or any part thereof, nor sell, rent, rent, rent, sublicense, export or otherwise transfer them to any natural or legal person. The use is made available free of charge to any person for personal, educational or scientific purposes or for research purposes, through the front of the database. All individuals, commercial and non-profit enterprises and institutions (hereinafter referred to as users) who wish to download omim in whole or in part are subject to the conditions of this USER AGREEMENT. Johns Hopkins inHealth has 16 centers of expertise in precision medicine, each focusing on a specific patient population, such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer`s disease, or pancreatic cancer. The physicians, scientists, and engineers associated with Johns Hopkin`s program rely on patient data and precision medical research to tailor patient care management plans. JHU may modify the data or OMIM, including the deletion, reduction or addition of functions or content; and/or to cease temporary or permanent access to or use of OMIM; and/or to modify and supplement this USER AGREEMENT, in accordance with clause 28 below, including, but not limited to, the addition of terms that JHU must « transmit » to the user under a separate agreement between JHU and a third party. Users of for-profit or commercial companies who wish to download omim in whole or in part must acquire a license by paying applicable royalties to the JHU and entering into a license agreement with it, which has the exclusive right to grant access and use of OMIM to users around the world. .

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