Bob Signed An Agreement With Joe Under Which Bob

Along with his best friend Bing Crosby, Hope was offered the chance to join the army with a commission in the United States Navy as a lieutenant commander during World War II, but the FDR stepped in and felt it would be better for the morale of the troops to continue doing what they were doing by playing for all branches of military service. [55] From the age of 12, Hope earned pocket money by doing busking – public appearances to ask for contributions (often on the Luna Park streetcar), sing, dance, and do comedy. [10] As Lester Hope, he participated in numerous dance competitions and amateur talent and won an award in 1915 for his portrayal of Charlie Chaplin. [11] For a time, he attended the boys` industrial school in Lancaster, Ohio, and as an adult he donated considerable sums of money to the institution. [12] Hope had a short boxing career in 1919 and fought under the name Packy East. He had three wins and one loss, and he participated later in life in a few staged charity fights. [13] According to Arthur Marx`s 1993 biography Hope hope the Secret Life of Bob Hope, Hope`s long-term affair with actress Marilyn Maxwell was so open that the Hollywood community regularly referred to her as « Mrs. Bob Hope. » [109] Bob is a well-known horn player. Bob has played for several great symphonies.

Last year, Bob went bankrupt and, to pay his rent for a few months, borrowed from a small bank – Avarice Bank – and mortgaged his horn as collateral. He was unable to make the first payment of the loan, so the bank prepared to take the Waldhorn for non-payment. Bob enquired the help of gilroy Philarmonic International Symphony`s director – Joe – and asked him to guarantee payment so he wouldn`t lose his horn. Joe agreed to guarantee the payment, not least because Bob is the lead actor at Gilroy`s Classic Polka Festival, which runs Joe. Joe called Avarice Bank and said that if Bob couldn`t pay, he would, and Avarice accepted his warranty over the phone. Bob played for the Polka Festival (he had a lot of success), but immediately after he left the city and his location is unknown. Avarice contacted Joe and said they hadn`t moved in from Bob and expected Joe to pay the debt. Joe told Avarice that they had not written anything about him (although there are witnesses who heard Joe`s guarantee) and that he thinks he will not be responsible for Bob`s debt. Avarice has hinted that he will sue Joe.

In 1929, Hope changed her first name informally to « Bob ». . . .