Agreement Between Contractor And Labour

The contractual format must be duly signed by the parties in appropriate locations, with proof of their identity in the contractual format. This is agreed by and between the parties in the following way. The agreement is at________ this day_______ between M/s. XYZ Co.Ltd, a company registered under the Companies Act 1956, which is headquartered in the following company, known as the « company » of the first part and, as « contractor, » in the following. If the agreement is signed, it cannot be amended at a later date, unless it is agreed by both parties. Contractual conditions that are useful to both parties (owners and civil contractors) must be satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the terms of the contract, you should be able to negotiate with the contractor. 6. Where the company finds that a worker provided by the contractor is unable to perform the work in question satisfactorily or is not physically able to perform the work in question, the contractor removes such a worker from the service and replaces another worker in his place. The company`s complaint is final and accepted as justified by the contractor or by the employee. 14. The company has the right to deduct from any payment made by the company that must be paid by the contractor in accordance with this contract or by law from all funds that the company is entitled to the contractor under this contract. 18.

Any worker to be provided by the contractor may not be less than 25 years of age and no more than 55 years of age, and the holder must receive a medical certificate for each worker and present to the company that he is not suffering from a serious illness and that he is physically fit to perform the prescribed work. 27. In the event of disagreement between the company and the contractor over this agreement and the implementation of the company manager`s decision, the contractor is definitively and binding. 20. In the event of a dispute or dispute between the owner and the contractor, the architect`s decision is binding on both parties.