Aeu Agreement Yard Duty

The Victorian government`s school agreement negotiated by the AEU in 2017 was the best agreement to date, which brought considerable improvements to the Victorian staff of the ES. Do you have the right to be translated into an ongoing position? The common voice of these 43,000 members was an important factor in achieving such important results in our corporate agreement. In addition to the above-mentioned increases, the classification structure of Divisions 1 and 2 is changed. This involves the elimination of the lower subdivision in each of these areas and an additional subdivision at the head of each zone. It offers 1-5s existing and 2-5s an additional raise to achieve higher salary results in the first twelve months of the agreement. For the current years 1 to 5, the overall growth of the first twelve months will be 6.71%. For the current 2-5s, it will be 6.46%. .